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Grasscut is Andrew Phillips and Marcus O’Dair.

Andrew is an Emmy-winning and BAFTA-nominated composer, artist and producer. Over the last ten years he has scored many films including Oscar-nominated Watani, My Homeland (2016), BAFTA-winning Grenfell (2018) and War In The Blood (2020).

Marcus is a writer, musician and academic. His books include Distributed Creativity, about the potential impact of blockchain technology on the creative economy, and Different Every Time, a biography of Robert Wyatt which was nominated for the Penderyn prize. More…


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Over the last year, we have all had ‘go to’ places in our heads, many of which we have been unable to go to in person.

Haunts, our new 6-track mini LP, is out everywhere today. A big thank you to those who sent in messages to us about their favourite places. We hope the wait has been worthwhile. Order link in bio #haunts

Down to the last few copies of our new mini LP 𝙃𝙖𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙨 left over on Bandcamp. Release day tomorrow.
Pre-order link in our bio.

With Everyone Was A Bird (2015) we included a card inviting listeners to send us recordings of their thoughts on places important to them….

#Haunts / @lorecordings
📸 @pedrbrowne

Haunts, our new mini LP is out June 18th via @lorecordings. Pre-order link in the bio #haunts ...

In 2015 we asked you to submit voicemail messages to us about specific locations that resonate with you that we could feature in a track.

We didn't bargain for so many brilliant messages about fascinating places, and so the original one track idea went by the wayside, replaced by the idea of a collection, using as many of the voices as we could.

Fast forward six years, and Haunts has been one of the hardest things I've composed - each message felt like a short film demanding its own particular score, each piece had to feel distinct, whilst also feeling part of a whole. The voices also had to keep their identity but also feel part of a collection. This was difficult! We hope the wait has been worthwhile.

#Haunts - our new 6-track mini LP, is out 18th June via @lorecordings. Previews & pre-order links in the bio.

The Overwinter Instrumentals album is out today via @lorecordings.

Overwinter was always intended to be a collection of secular hymn-like songs, where the instrumental sections sang as loudly as the vocals. So the instrumental version is, in a sense, a snapshot of the album at an earlier stage, and is intended to be a meditative companion to the main record.

🔗 in bio #overwinter #instrumentals

Welcome to Mars 🪐
A sunset view from the doorway of Cabaña Veronica,
Picos De Europa.

The highest point at 2725 metres, this was the view out of the front door of an old navy gunship turret taken up by donkeys and reassembled, as the sun was setting. To me it looked like stepping onto another planet. We still had a long way to go, and so the idea of a walking song, a song about keeping going, came into my head
#couragetraveller #overwinter

More on our Medium blog via the link in bio

Courage Traveller, the last track on #Overwinter, came together from walking in three very different places. The quiet, and the rhythm of movement more often that not bring music and words into my head, and my phone is full of half breathless tunes and lines of lyrics.

This shot is from the Cabaña Veronica refuge in the Picos De Europa. More on our Medium blog via our bio.
📸 @pedrbrowne

"Our two eyes feed dual streams of visual information to the brain from slightly different points, and this small offset allows the brain to bind this information into a unified three-dimensional simulation of reality. Stereoscopy, older than photography itself, uses this behaviour to trick the brain, by inserting two images, also taken from slightly different points, into our line of sight. Instead of operating on reality, the brain binds these two images into a coherent image allowing us to see a pair of flat images in three-dimensions. There is a lot more to the physics behind stereoscopy than this, but taking a pair of workable images is surprisingly easy."

More insights from our photographer @pedrbrowne on the stereoscopic images that accompany the album via our blog in the bio ✍️

Over the next few days, we'll be sharing the insights of our longtime collaborator, designer & photographer @PedrBrowne taken from our Medium blog, who's given his thoughts into how he made the stereoscopic images that accompany the album. Shot at night, the images required total stillness & absolute attention to detail ...

Pedr 🗣️ This photo, or more accurately, this pair of photos will become the photo to accompany Coprolite Tip, the fifth track on Overwinter. After a long conversation with Andrew about what to do by way of design and images for the album, I suggested taking some Stereographic images, and for reasons that I don’t think either of fully grasped at the time, seemed to fit perfectly. There was no point trying to be too literal in the subject matter: I was hundreds of miles from the places where the songs were written and written about, and in a very different city, but I knew the album well already, having heard at different stages of its life as made. I knew the imagery it used, and I how it felt to listen to it, and I’d lived through the same confused and bleak preceding years as our country slipped quickly from schism.

Read more of Pedr's insights via our blog in the bio ✍️

Happy #bandcampfriday everyone.
Overwinter, our fourth studio album is available now via @lorecordings. The final few vinyls will be available to order soon, shipping in 2 weeks! Meanwhile you can grab digital copies via the Bandcamp link in our bio.

Here's the tape stage I passed both the drums and the string orchestra through on album track 'The Archive'. I slowed them down to try to make them sound like they were playing across the decades.

The Russian voices and singing at the end of the track are from the wonderful audio diary of Sir Horace Maybray King, Labour MP in the 50s and 60s, and first Labour Speaker of the House Of Commons. His tapes are a truly random collage from radio, records, tv, and hours and hours of Parliamentary debate.

A friend recently gave me what he thought was another audio diary on a dusty reel of tape compiled by his famous actor Grandfather. I put it on hoping for audio glory….. and got 1970s Radio 2. In the world of sampling you win some, and…..

More pics on our Medium blog. 🖇 in bio.

AP x